As a guitar teacher of 25 years in the Columbus, OH area I know the difference a good private instructor can make. After several thousand lessons you become very aware of what it is people want and don’t want when they decide to study an instrument with you. Adults tend to be terrified by the thought of a teacher teaching them songs like Mary Had A Little Lamb, and Kum Ba Ya. Teens seem to have an innate fear of a rigid old guitar teacher that has no clue what’s going on in the music world and instead wants to break them in on jazz standards from the 1940’s. Personally, I have come to the conclusion that people can be taught much faster if they learn from music they actually enjoy listening to. I like to think I have a very unique approach to teaching the guitar in that I can teach you the typically very difficult musical concepts by showing you the relevance they have to the songs on your ipod or CD collection. I don’t really teach anybody exactly the same. Everybody is different and wants different things out of a guitar lesson. I’m very aware of this. Some people prefer structure and some people don’t. Some people only want me to figure out their favorite songs and teach them how to play them. Some people want to get deeply theoretical and forego learning songs at all. At any rate, I am able to accommodate you regardless of your skill level or choice of music and will be more than happy to help find a style of learning that works best for you.

My Influences:

*Chuck Berry * Mark Knopfler * Randy Rhodes * Eddie Van Halen * Yngwie Malmsteen * Steve Vai * Eric Johnson * Sting * Andy Summers * Frank Gambale (got coffee for him once…what a rush!) * Charlie Parker * Miles Davis * Chet Atkins * Jerry Reed * The Edge (Dave Evans) * Jack and Kyle from Tenacious D

Guitar Teaching

I started teaching guitar professionally at age 17 at Pontones Music in Grove City, Ohio. Since then I’ve had the good fortune to teach for many of the finest music retailers in central Ohio and the surrounding areas:
K.R.A. Music (Columbus) 3 years
Studio One (Chillicothe) 1 year
Sam Ash (Columbus) Group Instruction (6 months)
Sawmill Music (Dublin) 7 years
Music Royale (Powell) 7 years
I currently teach between 35-40 private lessons a week at my own location 80 Grace Dr. in Powell, called Stellar Guitar Instruction.

Professional Performing

I started playing professionally in 1988. Here are a few of the bands I’ve played with since then:
Sybil (Classic Rock, Rush Tribute)
STAN (Original Funk/Jazz/Metal Fusion)
Deviate (Funk/R&B/Dance)
Donna Mogavero (Folk Rock)
Mimi Rousseau (Classic Rock, Country, Jazz,)
Tina Moore’s Enchanted (Fleetwood Mac Tribute)
Speak Of The Devil (Ozzy Tribute)
Stop Drop and Roll (Pop Rock cover band)
Agent 99 (70’s Cover Band)

I’m currently playing with:

The Hobgoblins (80’s Rock and Dance)

Personal 🙂

I am 43 years old. In my free time I enjoy studying history, building guitar pedals, and spending time my with my wife, Gail and my kids Talis, Dillon, and Lily.