“Achilles’ Heel” available now!


This CD was written during a very introspective time for me. I went to a therapist to work through some emotions I learned to be called “personal myths.” I guess I was kind of reflecting everything I was feeling in a group of songs I really had no intention of releasing. It was kind of a like a companion to my therapy. I’d say if I had to choose one word to describe it, it would be “vulnerable.” It’s really a very acoustic album until the very end where there was an uncharacteristically and, I’ll admit, a somewhat totally out of place rock instrumental called The Great Escape. A whole lot of people asked me why that song was there. It was meant to signify the strength and liberation that comes at the end of facing your demons.

Matt Venus – Project Star Gazer available now!


Project Star Gazer was kind of the opposite of Achilles’ Heel. I was feeling very good at this point and wanted to write something more powerful. This is very much a rock album with some sprinkles of jazz. This is also the first time I explored letting the other guys in the band write some songs. It was challenging but, I’m proud of the final product. There are some songs and solos on here that really pushed me but at no point did we forget that this was supposed to be about the songs. It got panned in one of the bigger a local music magazines in a review titled “Show Off Shredding” but, I didn’t think that was fair. Some people wrote in to defend it and that meant more than anything to me. It’s hard to hear someone slight your work but it also reminds me of the saying “a statue has never been set up in honor of a critic!”




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