Matt is a rare find in that he possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of music theory coupled with outstanding playing ability, as well as the gifts of a phenomenal teacher! There is no style of guitar that he cannot instantly duplicate, and seemingly no end to his patience when it comes to passing these skills along to his students. I have been fortunate to be counted among those for several years and intend to continue indefinitely. Wherever you want guitar to take you, Matt can get you there as long as you do your part.
Dr. James Bové Marysville, Ohio

I have been going to Matt Venus for guitar lessons for over four years. He is infinitely knowledgeable about music, punctual about lesson times, friendly, and easy to work with. Matt is willing to help you wherever your musical endeavors may take you.
Sean Powell, Ohio

Our son (13-year old Connor) has been fortunate enough to work with Matt Venus for the past four years. Connor’s love of music (and especially guitar) continues to grow as he spends time with Matt each week. Matt has provided Connor with wonderful instruction on acoustic and electric guitar, as well as music theory. Matt also arranged for Connor, and his other students, to demonstrate their skills by performing at a local coffeehouse. The confidence and skill which Connor has gained through taking instruction with Matt has enabled him to perform in his school talent show, his school choir concert, and his school awards assembly. We would strongly recommend Matt!
Jim and Susan Dublin, Ohio

I have been taking lessons with Matt for over 2 years now and he has helped me tremendously with my playing. There are tons of instructors who can teach you how to play your favorite songs but Matt is a true musician who has an ear for music and a secure understanding of music theory. He is also a genuinely nice person who is fun to be around and makes the process of learning guitar an enjoyable one. If you want to play guitar then Matt is your guy!
— Alex Shokat Dublin, Ohio

“I have been taking lessons from Matt for about 3-4 years now and it’s been great. I have become a more confident and versatile player because of it and its all thanks to him! Not only is he a phenomenal teacher but he’s also just a great guy to sit back and chat with too!”
Derek Vosler Westerville, Ohio

“I have really enjoyed taking lessons with Matt Venus. His expertise and easy-to-follow teaching style have really helped me improve my playing. I would highly recommend Matt as an instructor to my family and friends.”
D. Swaddling Dublin, Ohio

“I had been playing guitar for just over 12 years before I started taking
lessons with Matt. I had no prior instruction and my skills were based upon
years of bad habits. When I came to Matt, I told him I couldn’t solo and I
wanted to learn to rock, so he taught me how to do that over the next year and a
half. I soon felt comfortable soloing with the classics, but wanted to learn
more. My interest in music is broad, but my guitar playing has never been broad.
So Matt helped me get over my bad habits and showed me the interconnection
between scales which opened me up to completely new styles of playing that I
never considered before. Matt is helping me put music theory to use. I started
down this path with Poison and AC/DC, and now I’m learning new ideas from jazz
and classical! I wouldn’t have predicted that, but I credit Matt with giving me
a better understanding of music.”
Davion  Hill Dublin, Ohio